Evrosem Optimum technological solution for sunflower seeds

In addition to the Premium technological solution, EUROSEM offers Optimum sunflower seeds, which have a smaller seed size and their own characteristics.

The Optimum technological solution is created for agricultural producers who understand the intricacies of cultivation and want to earn.

Advantages of EUROSEM Optimum seeds:

  1. Need less moisture for germination.Sunflower hybrid seeds contain the entire genetic set and potential of the hybrid in both the Premium and Optimum solutions.
  2. The optimal size allows you to sow it with 99% accuracy of the specified density (seeding rate), regardless of the type of drill.
  3. Competitive price Optimum compared to Premium and hybrids of other companies makes it more profitable as a seed for 2021.
  4. Seeds of the Optimum technological solution are able to germinate faster than large-seeded sowing material.
  5. Seeding Optimum guarantees even germination and even sowing.