Pole Znan (‘Field of Knowledge’) Project is a testing site for practical field research. It is an open scientific platform  where everyone can access the research results database.

This project is unique due to being independent of major chemical companies. Hence, the achieved results are objective and unbiased in contrast to testing fields by international manufacturers of pesticides and micronutrient fertilizers. The Project doesn’t aim at popularizing and promoting any specific products. Moreover, the ‘Pole Znan’ Project provides scientific research services to other companies: they can test their products under our specialists supervision.

These companies are already among partners of the Project: National Scientific Center ‘Institute of Agriculture of NAAS’, Panfily SCRF, R&D PE Eco-Garant, Nuseed, Rangoli, Avgust, Bio Energy (Lithuania), Agritema, National Scientific Center ‘Institute of Crops of NAAS’.

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