Sunflower hybrids


Evrosem is proud of its high-yielding sunflower hybrids, which have been tested for years and have received the highest marks from our partners. Our range includes high-quality hybrid seeds from world brands.

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in the line of EUROSEM hybrids

Sunflower seed hybrids for classical production system using soil herbicides.

Hybrids resistant to herbicides of the sulfonylurea group, herbicide with the active ingredient tribenuron-methyl.

Hybrids are resistant to herbicides belonging to the imidazoline group with the active ingredient imazamox, as well as imazapyr.

Sunflower seed hybrids are resistant to seven or more (G +) races of sunflower broomrape.

Classical technology


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Avalon 7+

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Clearfield technology


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Sumo technology

Sumo 007

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Arkona Sumo

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Tor 7+ Sumo

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Stark 7+ Sumo

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Out of production

Oskar Ol

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Tor 7+

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Ortus 7+ Sumo

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Sumo Novo

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Kronas Sumo

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Seeds of EVROSEM sunflower hybrids

We are justly proud of our EVROSEM sunflower seeds. These are hybrids of Serbian selection with excellent characteristics and high yield. Serbian sunflower selection from the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops NS Seme is known and loved all over the world. Serbian genetics finds its connoisseurs in Ukraine, due to the fact that the hybrids are drought-resistant.

Choose and buy EVROSEM sunflower hybrids and make a profit. EVROSEM sunflower seeds are an excellent sowing material with high productivity. The potential yield of hybrids is from 45 to 60 centners per hectare. Such indicators can be obtained under optimal conditions in the experimental fields. Real yields please those who choose profitable EVROSEM seeds.

EVROSEM sunflower hybrids for classical production system
EVROSEM sunflower seeds for traditional production system are one of the most popular. This is due to the fact that such hybrids have the highest yield potential about 6 t/ha. The following hybrids in the EVROSEM catalog refer to classical production system:

  • Oscar Ol
  • Arkona
  • Ajax
  • Tor 7+
  • NS Avalon.

Oscar Ol hybrid seeds are a powerful high-oleic hybrid with high drought resistance. During the growing season it easily adapts to soils and adverse environmental conditions, which allows it to be grown on different agricultural backgrounds.

Classic hybrids Tor 7+ and NS Avalon are resistant to germination of 7+ broomrape races. Therefore, such hybrids are recommended in the regions where this parasitic plant is widely spread. Sunflower broomrape is a problem of the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine which are traditional sunflower sowing zones. Due to its impact, significant crop losses can be experienced, thus the cultivation of resistant and high-yielding sunflower hybrids is a real way out for farmers in this region. The features of Serbian sunflower hybrids Tor 7+ and NS Avalon include a short growing season and excellent drought resistance. This allows crops to bloom before the onset of severe heat and drought in the region.

Classic hybrids Arkona and Ajax have a yield potential of 60 c/ha. These are high-yielding hybrids with high resistance to soil and air drought.

EVROSEM sunflower hybrids for Granstar
Sunflower seeds NS Sumo Novo and NS Sumo 007 from the EVROSEM catalog belong to Granstar production system. These crops are resistant to 6 broomrape races, drought and typical crop diseases. The genetic resistance to sulfonylurea preparations, such as Granstar and its analogues, allows the treatment of sunflower crops with insurance herbicides to control dicotyledonous weeds. They are recommended for Central and Northern regions of Ukraine, because they perform better in these areas.

EVROSEM sunflower hybrids for Euro-Lightning
Sunflower for Euro-Lightning production system with traditional selection methods acquires resistance to herbicides of the imidazolinone group. The herbicide Euro-Lightning and its analogues are based on the active ingridients of this group. Euro-Lightning-resistant IMI hybrids in the EVROSEM product line are Grifon and Pegas. They are suitable for southern and eastern regions with insufficient rainfall and areas of broomrape distribution. EVROSEM sunflower hybrids for Euro-Lightning production system are recommended for heavily weeded fields. The high potential of these hybrids allows them to be grown for the planned harvest, regardless of weather conditions and soil quality.

Sunflower seeds EVROSEM are Serbian strong selection and professional refinement
EVROSEM purchases parental sunflower lines in Serbia. NS Seme is an internationally recognized plant breeding center with a powerful school of genetics and plant breeding. For 70 years it has been creating hybrids of sunflower and other crops for profitable cultivation.
Serbian hybrids are highly resistant to drought, plastic to growing conditions, attractive to bees and always meet the declared characteristics. Choose the right seeds for your region or field and make money with EVROSEM hybrids.


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