Evrosem is a scientific and production company, producing sowing material of sunflower, corn and niche crops. Own scientific and feild research allows to test and select the best hybrids, as well as test the most efficient production systems for growing various crops.

Evrosem conducts in-depth field and laboratory research on the study and control of sunflower broomrape (Orobanche Cumana). High quality seeds have strong genetics, premium production and stably high yield.


in the line of Evrosem hybrids

Sunflower seed hybrids for classical production system using soil herbicides.

Hybrids resistant to herbicides of the sulfonylurea group, herbicide with the active ingredient tribenuron-methyl.

Hybrids are resistant to herbicides belonging to the imidazoline group with the active ingredient imazamox, as well as imazapyr.

Sunflower seed hybrids are resistant to seven or more (G +) races of sunflower broomrape.

Download the digital catalog format to always have it at hand


Download the digital catalog format to always have it at hand


Innovative processing
growth regulator,
which increases
yields and protects
from stress

fludioxonil +
metalaxyl-M +

Macro complex processing,
micro mesoelements with
amino acids
EVROSTIM, which increase

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Evrosem company is a producer of sowing material

Evrosem company is a Ukrainian producer of full-cycle seed, which guarantees the quality and stability of the result where it is difficult to guarantee the result. Agriculture is an unstable business, dependent on thousands of factors, each step must be studied and calculated. Profitable growing of cultivated plants begins with high-yielding seeds.

From year to year, Evrosem LLC conducts research on Ukrainian soil, selecting the best varieties and hybrids of plants for farmers. Breeding is aimed at obtaining highly productive, resistant to diseases, pests and stress seeds. The catalog of Evrosem company offers seeds of sunflower, corn, niche crops (soybeans, lentils, chickpeas), which not only have strong genetics, but are adapted to growing conditions exactly in our climate and weather conditions.

Evrosem produces high quality growing seeds

Due to qualified specialists who use the latest technologies and constantly improve product quality, the company occupies one of the leading positions among seed producers, selling the best products in the seed market. Evrosem sowing material successfully competes with multinational seed producers, but at the same time it is much cheaper than well-known brands. This is due to the fact that the seeds are grown and processed at its own Evrosem plant in Ukraine, thus reducing the cost of production. Evrosem offers its customers lovingly grown seeds that have been rigorously selected and carefully refined to give you a high result in the field.